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The Security Umbrella - one of the best and most effective tools for your personal security

With the security umbrella - and the proper knowledge of our video tutorial - you can improve your defense capability in about four weeks, so much that no one can harm you easily. The security umbrella is a very effective tool that significantly increases your power and self-defense skills, so you can cope with superior attackers.

In an emergency situation, under normal circumstances, you have little chance against a stronger and brutal assailant without resources, because you do not have years of self-defense training. Realistically, participating in self-defense seminars will not change that much.

With our video course you will learn how to effectively use the security umbrella in an emergency

You often have an umbrella with you; With our help, you will learn to use it in an emergency for your own protection. Our video tutorial puts you in a position to use the security umbrella effectively for your self-protection.

You will only learn simple, logical and usable techniques. There are no prerequisites necessary. Everyone learns how to use the security umbrella for their personal safety.

Please take a close look at the picture on the top right: Here you can see the correct body and umbrella position. The attacker does not have a chance to take the umbrella (this is rarely taught by an instructor, most people follow the instinctive urge to keep the umbrella positioned in front of them, but this is wrong and dangerous.) But more important is this fact: The security umbrella deprives the attacker of any room for maneuver; Whatever the villain wants to do, a painful push with the umbrella is faster. Ordinary criminals break off their plans after a few hits, which they can hardly fend off.

Now let's explain why the security umbrella along with our instructions are the best for your personal safety.

The security umbrella offers you a number of advantages, but above all a lot of safety ...

Pro - "inner values": The security umbrella is an "ordinary", extremely stable umbrella. This makes it perfect for fending off blows, kicks and all kinds of attacks. On the other hand, if you know and master our simple and effective techniques, you can also defeat superior attackers.

Pro - "legal": As a normal umbrella, it is subject to no legal restrictions worldwide and can therefore be easily carried anywhere. It accompanies you "inconspicuously" while strolling through the city, at events, excursions or on public transport. Simply everywhere, where many people are and something often happens. Our umbrellas are so inconspicuous that even security checks at airports are easy.

Pro - "under the radar": The security umbrella is neither noticeable nor provokes in any way. In an emergency, you benefit from the surprise effect, as the attacker does not expect that you are equipped as a supposedly defenseless victim with such an effective defense tool.    

Pro - "independent training": The instructional DVD contains a very detailed guide that answers all questions about handling the umbrella. Our chief instructor will explain step-by-step what you should do, how to use the umbrella properly in an emergency and what you should not do under any circumstances. For example, you learn how to prevent the attacker from taking your umbrella away. You'll also learn how to properly block and hit with the "triple trick" so that the aggressor has no chance to fend or grab. - To put it in a nutshell: You will be able to ward off attacks most likely by clear and targeted actions. One customer (active German police officer) writes:

"The DVD course on using a personal security umbrella is the first completely realistic course I have seen on this subject - simple effective techniques that anyone can learn without undue training errors and unrealistic expectations, which especially beginners or inexperienced people have or could have, are addressed and eradicated - really outstanding! " CS

Read here why training through a tutorial film is more effective than a self-defense seminar.

Pro - "Time & Money": If you watch the DVD and practice the techniques at home, you can learn the professional handling within days. You do not have to spend money on elaborate self-defense courses, and you do not have to spend months training on any self-defense class.

Pro - "practical benefit": Which safety aid is used in everyday life? Neither a baseball bat, nor the pepper spray, a gun, Kubutan or a defensive stick will benefit you in any way, except the very unlikely case of defense.

In contrast, our umbrellas are your frequent companions in view of the current weather conditions and reliably protect you from rain and snowfall. And that for many years!

Every household owns a few umbrellas, so why not get a better quality one with this ingenious safety benefit? From the moment you take our umbrellas with you, you are much safer; No matter if you are shopping, exploring the daily routine, strolling around the city, etc. - there is no need to worry about whether you have the animal repellent spray or the e-shocker in your pocket. Every time you put your foot out the door, you know that you can effectively defend yourself with the security umbrella in an emergency and are no longer a victim. A great feeling!

The new security concept

Your security package: The combination of the security umbrella and the DVD is the perfect solution for you; It has never been possible to achieve so much for personal safety so cheaply and quickly. The security umbrella and the matching techniques give you a safe feeling again. The resulting self-assured demeanor means that many villains do not even choose you as a victim. A customer writes:

"Hello, my umbrella accompanies me in all ways, I have found that it has a great preventive effect, I have to pass the main train station every day, and if I am interested in the figures hanging there I take the umbrella from the shoulder firmly into the hand and their interest waned instantly Best regards MK

The umbrella also protects you, without you having to judge against others

Plus point security combination: Your investment for the security package - consisting of the umbrella and the DVD - is just 119 Euros for the ladies version and only 139 Euros in the men's version. Was there ever a faster and cheaper way for so much security?

Plus point "security in the business or in the company": Are you working in a company and even the owners of a company sometimes has to deal with harassment or abuses; if so, you can use the security package single employee Equip iter or entire teams. Our recommendation for business owners, companies and authorities can be read here.

Plus point "long-term guarantee": You buy a high-quality umbrella from us and are thus on the safe side. Whatever happens, our timely warranty and fast service will literally never put you in the rain.

Plus point "many years of use of our umbrellas": In recent years, we have sold tens of thousands of umbrellas to individuals in Germany and many European countries. In addition, since then numerous security forces, bodyguards, officials, self-defense trainers or security trainers have been working with our umbrellas and using them in their responsible work. You can count on thousands of times proven quality over a long period of time.

In summary, this means: With the security package, you can acquire a high-quality umbrella that reliably protects you from wind and weather and receive the necessary knowledge to use it effectively.

We are honest and point out that the security umbrella, of course, does not offer an absolute guarantee of any encroachment. On the road there is no guarantee; even the best self-defense seminars are not life insurance. However, with our course and the security umbrella you are able to fend off about 90% of all attacks.


This security package is probably the biggest innovation in personal safety in recent years. Never before has it been easier and faster to achieve so much for personal protection. This is especially true for those who are not usually able to defend themselves well and are often chosen as victims, such as seniors, women, girls and people with physical disabilities.

The right umbrella for everyone and the necessary knowledge how to use it in case of emergency

This is what our customers say:

“I am in large cities often, and I use public transportation and have already encountered a couple of critical situations. I feel much safer since carrying the Security Umbrella.” Helmut W.

 “I have had one of these special umbrellas for 2 years now. It is the finest umbrella I have ever owned. Once I used it in a really strong storm, the wind flipped the umbrella inside out, I just flipped it back. A lesser umbrella would be in the bin afterwards. Stop looking and just buy one!” Simon Atherton

“I can confirm 100% of the manufacturer’s description: it is very elegant and inconspicuous. The plum wood knob handle is a particularly lovely design piece, pleasant to hold and the material and workmanship of the umbrella is of high quality.” P.K.

“I often have to travel by train for business purposes so I had been searching for a suitable self-protection accessory. The great thing about this umbrella is I will always have it with me because of the possibility of rain. I no longer have a cheap-quality discount shop umbrella, but rather a high quality, robust umbrella that I can use in case of an emergency. It’s also good that I don’t have to search through a bag, because the protection is right in my hands. And the umbrella looks lovely in the color (Aubergine).” Miriam

“I have never seen such an inconspicuous self-protection tool. With it, I can keep an attacker at a distance and, if necessary, I can harm him from a distance. I purchased two straight away, one with a knob handle and one with a hook handle. The video offer is great.” Felix Gruschke

“Excellent everyday item for self-protection. It increases my sense of safety when someone becomes increasingly aggressive in my medical office.” M.K.


Our umbrellas help you…

… whether you are sporty, young, old, physically fit or challenged. Unfortunately, criminals do not stop at people who are physically challenged. On the contrary, these people are most often the victim. You can greatly increase your protection with our umbrella and you will not need to rely on others. With the rubber tip, the umbrella can also be used as a walking stick.

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