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The Security Umbrella for woman
The Safety Umbrella for women protects you in case of an attack
The Security Umbrella for men
The Safety Umbrella for men increase your reach
DVD Instructional Course
Learn proper handling in our course
The City-Safe - unbeatable when you need it most
Elegant, inconspicuous and yet so effective
The Security Umbrella for woman
as robust as the umbrella for men

The Security-Umbrella - the best and most effective tool for your safety

The umbrella is always in hand and ready for immediate use. With it, you have a greater reach than your attacker has and you can keep him away. Instead of using your body, block attacks with the umbrella thus avoiding pain and injury.

If you know how to implement the umbrella correctly, you will have an effective tool of equal or greater dominance as that of the attacker. We have created a course that explains in detail how to use the umbrella effectively in an emergency. The umbrella is an ordinary, everyday item that is not legally regulated anywhere in the world. It is inconspicuous, does not provoke and in case of an emergency, the element of surprise will be to your advantage.

It is for this reason that countless security personnel, public officials, body guards, security instructors etc around the world use our umbrella.

Effectively protect yourself with the umbrella and the correct technique!

How do you use the Security Umbrella in an emergency?

Imagine the unthinkable occurs: someone approaches and threatens you. How would you react in a situation that would scare, stress and psychologically overwhelm anyone?

The umbrella is of course your tool of choice. However, it is only effective when you are confident in its correct technique use. In our course, we explain in step-by-step detail how to correctly use the Safety Umbrella. You learn all the important details; beginning with the correct body position, the correct way to hold the umbrella and the most effective implementation. We also explain common errors that you should never make.

 At this time, we would like to warn you about the many (fake) videos on the Internet that do not portray reality. The attacker will not wave a knife in front of you and he will not wait with his second move until you are ready.

Our chief instructor, Robert Amper, knows what reality is; he has been attacked and he knows what it is really like on the streets: brutal, ruthless and abusive.

Our course shows you what really matters. It does not require that you train 3 times a week, that you be a martial arts expert or physically fit. It is for normal people with normal physical flaws – exactly the type of victim attackers seek out. Read here.

The right umbrella and knowledge for everyone, how to use it effectively

Read here.

The right umbrella for everyone and the necessary knowledge how to use it in case of emergency

This is what our customers say:

“I am in large cities often, and I use public transportation and have already encountered a couple of critical situations. I feel much safer since carrying the Security Umbrella.” Helmut W.

 “I have had one of these special umbrellas for 2 years now. It is the finest umbrella I have ever owned. Once I used it in a really strong storm, the wind flipped the umbrella inside out, I just flipped it back. A lesser umbrella would be in the bin afterwards. Stop looking and just buy one!” Simon Atherton

“I can confirm 100% of the manufacturer’s description: it is very elegant and inconspicuous. The plum wood knob handle is a particularly lovely design piece, pleasant to hold and the material and workmanship of the umbrella is of high quality.” P.K.

“I often have to travel by train for business purposes so I had been searching for a suitable self-protection accessory. The great thing about this umbrella is I will always have it with me because of the possibility of rain. I no longer have a cheap-quality discount shop umbrella, but rather a high quality, robust umbrella that I can use in case of an emergency. It’s also good that I don’t have to search through a bag, because the protection is right in my hands. And the umbrella looks lovely in the color (Aubergine).” Miriam

“I have never seen such an inconspicuous self-protection tool. With it, I can keep an attacker at a distance and, if necessary, I can harm him from a distance. I purchased two straight away, one with a knob handle and one with a hook handle. The video offer is great.” Felix Gruschke

“Excellent everyday item for self-protection. It increases my sense of safety when someone becomes increasingly aggressive in my medical office.” M.K.


Experienced professionals are convinced by our umbrella

Michael Kuhr

Well-known bodyguard, Michael Kuhr from Berlin, uses our umbrella and has equipped his entire team with it.


Stefan Wüthrich, Headcoach AMBOgroup

“The umbrella is really top notch and helps you feel more self-confident. However, you can only use it effectively with proper training“.

Stefan Wüthrich, Headcoach AMBOgroup

Ostermundigen Bern (Switzerland)


Our umbrellas help you…

… whether you are sporty, young, old, physically fit or challenged. Unfortunately, criminals do not stop at people who are physically challenged. On the contrary, these people are most often the victim. You can greatly increase your protection with our umbrella and you will not need to rely on others. With the rubber tip, the umbrella can also be used as a walking stick.

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