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Protection with Self defense umbrella

In order to live well and safely, it is important to take precautions in various areas and to acquire appropriate knowledge and skills. Due to the increasing crime levels, the consideration of personal security is certainly part of this. While these dangers are not particularly high for vigilant citizens, there is still a risk of being attacked at any time and in any place.

The question therefore arises as to how one can effectively defend oneself in an emergency situation. Weapons are neither desired nor permitted. The active exercise of a martial arts is disproportionate to the actual risk. The attendance of self-defense seminars is quite a step, but it cannot compensate for the lack of experience with such a situation and the existing shortcomings in power, agility, etc. Moreover, it is very difficult to convey the necessary knowledge for such an extreme situation in a short time.  

An ordinary, and for this purpose, situated everyday object is the solution...

However, there is one obvious solution with a very effective everyday object: Self-defense with an umbrella. A sturdy umbrella-we recommend the specially designed security umbrella for this purpose-basically offers exactly what you need for your own protection.

The unique thing about this is the fact that only a few techniques are needed for effective self-protection that you can quickly acquire. You need to hold the umbrella correctly and know how to effectively bump and hit. You can see all of this in the picture on the right. You will recognize the correct posture and shielding that hardly any instructor teaches you, because most believe in maintaining the distance to a kind of sword posture. This, however, poses the risk of the umbrella being snatched from you.

You also realize that the attacker cannot grasp the umbrella and whether he wants to grab, strike or kick, a painful trick with the tip of the umbrella is quicker. The attacker can also not use his physical superiority and his better agility as an advantage.

The Key To Effective Use

We have produced a unique video guide on DVD that allows you to learn to protect yourself effectively with the security umbrella in a short time. This course focuses on simple, immediate action, and very effective techniques. A great emphasis is placed on recognizing potential hazards at an early stage and ideally getting them out of the way. If this is not possible, you will learn to defend yourself effectively with the security umbrella.    

Each learning chapter includes hands-on exercises that you perform until you are really sure. This ensures that the handling is actually controlled. Satisfied customers, like this Hessian police officer, confirm the simplicity of the course:  

 "The self-defense course included on DVD with the security umbrella is the first completely realistic course I've seen on this subject. Simple effective techniques, without excessive training. All sorts of mistakes that could be made in particular by beginners and unpractised are addressed and eradicated. All unrealistic expectations (e.g. disarming an experienced knife attacker, etc.) are addressed and eradicated. Really outstanding and beyond with a nice pinch of humor spiced up. "

The solution that is tailored to your needs: fast, inexpensive and durable

We recommend our Security package. This Consists of the security umbrella and our video instructions on DVD. This means that you have the effective tool and the corresponding knowledge. The security package costs between 119 and 129 Euros depending on the umbrella model. You do not have to invest more for your safety, and the course gives you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge in the near future without spending any more.

Most people underestimate the enormous benefits of a stable umbrella for personal safety. It is a huge difference whether you receive a painful blow or block one with the umbrella, pain free. You will learn to use them very quickly and the umbrella acts like a sturdy stick for blocking, pushing, hitting and stabbing. It greatly increases your defense ability and allows you to effectively defend yourself against stronger attackers.

The security umbrella is legal worldwide; it does not provoke anyone. In an emergency, you have it at hand and benefit from the surprise effect, because the attacker did not expect you to have such an effective defense tool. It is also a fact that they are not chosen as victims with the self-confidence gained; So the umbrella also protects you without having to use it.          

We don't do anything to you...

Through the security package you will not become a professional and invincible stick fighter who successfully mastered every conceivable situation. There is no such guarantee on the street; Neither a world champion title nor a sharp weapon would give you this. A real self-defense situation on the road is not a minute-long fight, as you know it from Hollywood films, but an assault that is usually decided within seconds. If the attacker does not overwhelm them immediately with the first actions, he usually backs down.

With the security package, you now have a highly efficient tool and are able to use it effectively and safely in an emergency. Thus, you are immune to the usual attacks. Of course, you will not always carry an umbrella, but you should think about it when you go to areas where something could happen.  

This is a significant increase in safety for yourself, your partner, your friends or your parents. And this at an unbeatable price and the lowest possible amount of time (just think about the saved travel times for regular training or seminars). In addition, the security package still includes the DVD "Stay alive" in which you learn to protect yourself effectively even without tools. So you are safe in all cases.   

Order now to get the security package immediately  and you will be able to defend yourself effectively against superior attackers in about four weeks.